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6 foot banner mkbetterversion_edited-1.j

Sometimes you need to make a big bold statement. 

We have helped businesses, teams, and families create posters, banners, t-shirts and other types of swag.  Whether you are just trying to get the word out about an event or looking for on-going brand recognition, nothing beats it.

Rocktoberfest Map1 9-18-18.jpg
6' Poster for Street Fair
Map for Millburn Ed Foundation
Poster for Bat Mitzvah 
Spaark Created Logo and Printed by Purple Door Designs
Stickers for Halloween Bag Giveaway
Our logos on pillows produced by Purple Door Designs
mini logo.jpg
Shoe created by Spaark and typography/styling by Beverley Perkin
mshyb shirts.jpg
MSHYB T-shirts designed by Spaark and produced by Purple Door Designs
color run banner 2017v3 final flat.jpg
Thank you banner created for Wyoming Elementary School's Color Run Committee
msr poster round4 not to be used for pri
MSR Poster 2018
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